New Years Resolution?

I’m doing it a little different this year. Instead of telling myself to workout 5 times a week or eat healthier (because let’s be real, haha), I made a goal to follow my instincts and believe in myself more. Maybe this will be the year I accomplish my goals and grow to be the person I want to be. Just maybe.

My whole life I have thought of myself as an independent person, but more and more I have been relying on and looking for approval from others before I do something. I second guess myself and feel the need to have other people behind me supporting me. And when I think about it, I think the reason for this is that I fear messing up and having no one there to catch me. But really, what do I have to lose if I mess up? Because of this fear, though, I have limited myself from doing what I really want.

This year I want to have more faith in myself. I still want to have support from others, and I know I will have certain people in my life that will always be there to catch me if I fall, but it starts with me. It’s time for me to take what I want and get it and its time to make progress.


. To reach my goal, I set myself three guidelines:

  1. Be honest with myself- Know what I want and be straightforward
  2. Be forgiving of myself- Accept failure and always keep pushing forward
  3. Be bold- let it be known what I want and do what it takes to get there.

So let’s see what happens. Maybe I will surprise myself.

What about you? What changes would you like to see this year?


P.S. I’m back! I forgot about this blog for awhile, but I would like to keep up with it again!