Role Models

Who do you most admire? A teacher, a friend, a boss, a celebrity, a parent? Whoever it may be I think it is very important that we all have a role model. Role models provide us with inspiration and motivation. They also guide us through life and help us find happiness.


By having the role models I have in my life I am constantly striving to improve who I am as a person. I want to be a person with morals, honor, and integrity. I want to create a life for myself where I don’t have to wake up everyday and drag my feet across the floor to get ready. The role models in my life have really helped shape the person I am proud to be today.

If I had to chose my role model, I would pick two people: My mom and one of my teachers (BL). These two people have made such an outstanding impact on my life and I couldn’t thank them enough. They have been by my side through thick and thin and always show me the light at the end of the tunnel.

My mom. She has been my teacher, counselor, role model, and friend for my whole life. My mom has taught me to always jump in with both feet and give it your all. My mom always tells me that its not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain. So mom, THANK you!! I love you with all my heart.

And now to the woman who has made school a place I want to be. You have shown me that hard work pays off and no matter what the situation is, I will get through it. Honestly, I don’t know how you deal with me on a daily basis with all the “problems” I come to you about. But thank you!! I most definitely would have gone crazy by now without you.

And of course, I would like to thank everyone else in my life who supports me and loves me unconditionally. I am so glad to have everyone be apart of this crazy journey I call life. I really hope everyone realizes how important they are to me.

Thanks for reading everyone!!

Now, in the comments tell me who your role model is and why!

20 thoughts on “Role Models

  1. What a great post and a great way to honor our role models. My role models would be my mom and my dad. My mom is the kindest and most generous person that I know. She is always there for me and willing to help whenever she can. She is always doing nice things for us and very loving. She is a great friend to have as well. My dad is also a kind and generous man. He is loving and caring and a great handyman. He is always fixing stuff for us and when my kids were little and broke something they would say “Call Papa – he can fix it.” I am very fortunate to have such wonderful parents and I hope that I make the same impact on my children.. Thanks Mom and Dad.

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  2. My role model is actually my boss. She works hard, never complains and is extremely generous. I have learned alot from her! One day I hope my kids think I am their role model too.

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  3. Choosing a role model is difficult for me. If I had to choose someone, that person would be unapologetic in the way they lived. They would be adventurous and always ready to try new things. Their life would be lived on the edge. The people I have in mind to fit this role would not typically be considered role models because they have had their fair share of run ins with the law, drugs, or near death experiences.

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  4. I love this post and it has stirred a lot of emotion and gives me pause. Instead of responding here with my role model I am going to develop a post and link it back to you since your post inspired me. Hopefully I will complete it by the end of the week. Not sure the writing process takes me some time.

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  5. Nice topic, Choosing Role model is very critical process. I believe Role Model and Mentors are important in life. Having a role model as a mentor is really great. However, Role model could be a much more successful person who is great but may or may not be accessible. A mentor is somewhat more reachable. I’m writing small points here though my thoughts can really fill several pages. All the best..!

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  6. I had a teacher who changed the way I looked at life, along with her and my parents they taught me to push myself further and not settle. Thank you for reminding me of these people and appreciate the journey that has gotten me to this point


  7. My role model is my aunt(she is like a mother to me). I would like to be in my 80-ies and be in great health and still very energetic, positive (always has a smile on her face) and hard working like she is. Great post, it made me stop and think back for a moment.


  8. I thought I had a role model, and she was to a certain degree, but she was also a negative influence in that she was bitter and angry. I put up with this person for a long time. I suppose I’m a masochist. That or I’m stupid. Maybe both.


  9. What a great post! I love it! If I had to say who are my role models they would be some (now) famous people, like Lindsey Stirling and Stromae. Though, I’m not a musician myself, the reason why I admire them is the way they achieved their goals on their own. Both of them went trough hardships, like I do with my panic disorder and they both overcame theirs. Also, they are famous because they are unique. They both said something like that, that maybe what they do seem to be strange or even ridiculous but that’s who they are. And I think this is really important, and this is what I think about my blog.
    Hm.. thank you for this post. I wasn’t in a good mood but thinking of these again cheered me up! 🙂 Thanks 🙂


  10. Lovely piece. It is always nice to have people to look up to in life, helps you strive to make yourself a better person. I have been lucky enough to have a few role models in my life, in particular my mum is definitely one of my main role models throughout life. She taught me never to give up on what I believe in and just like your mum taught you, she taught me to always make the best of every situation good or bad. Another role model was a teacher of mine, she helped me through the most unsettling time of my life and gave me someone I could confide in. She opened my views to many things, changing the way I act about social justice, seizing any opportunity to help make the world a better place.


  11. What a positive post and to feel your genuine love and respect for your mother and your teacher makes me high. It’s too late for me to write more posts today, but you sure inspired me to write about my role models. Also my mother and a certain teacher


  12. Honestly, I’d have to say my grandmother, who owned her own business, but never put it before family. She had the sweetest soul of anyone I ever knew. I think retirement was very difficult for her, and she died from cancer many years ago. I also had a teacher that was a great role model and inspired me to want to become a teacher (that never happened for several reasons).

    I love what your mother said about life’s storms and dancing in the rain. She sounds like she approaches life with a positive attitude, and she also sounds like an awesome mom.


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